Endless-R R33 drag GTR

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power: 1280hp
weight: 1350kg (0.94hp/kg)
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added: Wednesday 27th of July 2011
Product image
Product image
8sec R33 drag GTR has run 8.998 and backed up with 8.995 and 9.0 in same day. Car ran Nitto 555s on an un-prepped track. HKS HiDeck Engine Holinger Sequential Transmisison Front and rear ATS LSD Greddy TD06-25G turbos 280IN/290EXcams 1000cc injectors @ 4.5bar idle fuel pressure 2 x bosch fuel pumps HKS Fcon V Pro 5 layer intercooler full Apexi SPL head Endless-R head processing (stage 6/8) Line Lock