Nismo 77.7mm GT crankshaft


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added: Tuesday 25th of March 2014
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Nismo 77.7mm cranshaft for RB26DETT engine, 

Compared to the genuine NISSAN standard crank shaft, this is a long-stroke crankshaft with a stroke length of 77.7mm, 4mm longer than standard. By using in combination with genuine NISSAN piston (1mm over-size) and the NISMO GT connecting rod, upgrading the engine displacement to 2,771cc*1 is achievable. Die forging and fillet-roll construction was employed to increase the strength. Dynamic balancing treatment with crank only is already practiced.

**When using along with the NISMO crankshaft and appropriate pistons and others, this connecting rod makes 2,771cc engine displacement possible*2. High-strength SNCM439 nickel-molybdenum is used, with an "I" construction to provide both light weight and high strength*3. Spec 1 is for genuine NISSAN RB26 pistons, while spec 2 is for use with 28mm compression height pistons.