700hp Circuit Monster for sale with videos

Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

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added: Thursday 8th of September 2016
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Video Of the R32 (multiple views here) 

For sale is a 700hp T78 full spot R32 GTR circuit car
It is constantly in First Place in Pro Class (pro user class no pro drivers) it runs 1:24 / 1:23 which is 1 sec slower than the R35 GTR run by Endess-R which has 900hp + Pro Driver.
Hks step 2
272 in/ex cams
Head bolt
T78 turbo
HKS one off suspension
OS 5 speed cross
Exedy triple
Hks oil pump
Trust oil pan
Nismo Intake
2 fuel pumps in collector tank
Fcon v 3.2
Koyo side tank radiator
Oil cooler 22+16 layer (twin)
Intercooler trust 3 layer
LSD front and rear CUsCO
Carbon doors
Roll cage
Front and rear FRP fenders
Acryllic glass
Full spot chassi
F50 brembo
Front upper arm
Rear upper arm
33GTR member
Auto select master cylinder
TE37 17"9J
email: sales@DRAGandDRIFT.com